Do you have preoccupations or questions about water or hydration? This is the time to get real answers!

World-renowned hydration experts will address the most frequently asked questions about water and healthy hydration on the Internet and help you understand what is a myth or scientific fact.

Myth Or Fact - N°1 - The Water You Get From Food Is Enough To Stay Hydrated
Myth Or Fact - N°2 - Drinking Water In The Morning Helps You To Stay Hydrated
Myth Or Fact - N°3 - Swimmers Need To Drink As Much As Other Athletes
Myth Or Fact - N°4 - Good Hydration Has An Influence On Stress
Myth Or Fact - N°5 - Sport Drinks Are Efficient To Stay Hydrated
Myth Or Fact - N°6 - Good Hydration Helps Burn Calories
Myth Or Fact - N°7 - Do caffeinated drinks cause dehydration?


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