Prof. Jean-François Duhamel

Prof. Jean-François Duhamel

Professor Jean-Francois Duhamel is Chief of Paediatrics at the Medical University Hospital of Caen. He is a corresponding member of the National Academy of Medicine and competent with the AFSSA. He is the author of "Acute dehydration of newborns and infants" published in 2003 by John Libbey Eurotext.


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Expert Working Group

Our Expert Working Group meet regularly to discuss the importance of healthy hydration and to develop strategies to encourage patients and the general public to adopt healthier hydration practices.

Prof. Max Lafontan
INSERM Unit 858, University of Toulouse, France
Prof. David Haslam
Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire / National Obesity Forum, UK
Prof. Hardinsyah
Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
Prof. Jean-François Duhamel
CHU de Caen, France
Dr. Simón Barquera
National Institute of Public Health, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Prof. Lawrence E. Armstrong
University Professor, specialist in sports physiology and expert in hydration, Connecticut, USA

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